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🍃🖌️ What a wonderful use of Croydon space, promoting ideas all about identity and our local environment! Great to witness Croydon pupils perform some of their own work after running some very enjoyable poetry workshops.


It’s not all about the slopes on - multisport Apres Ski was on the cards last night with , , Indoor Climbing Wall and a Pool Table helping us unwind! We Know. We Can. We Will.


Day 4 Update & what a beautiful day it was! Clear & crisp with blue sky as we ventured further up the mountain! ‘Using muscles we didn’t know we have’ was the catchphrase of the day as the demands of snow sport start to be felt! We Know. We Can. We Will.


Day Three from Crans Montana did not disappoint! Red runs for some of our intermediate skiers, snow capped mountains all around & a torchlit walk around the frozen lake; we’ve had it all! We Know. We Can. We Will.


Our first ski/board lessons yesterday in some cloudy and cold conditions; -2C for most of the day! A torchlight walk after dinner and it was an early night; awesome first day! We Know. We Can. We Will.


We have arrived in Switzerland for ! A long journey & a little tired but a quick unpack and explore of our rooms, then off to Ski Fit to get our gear! We Know. We Can. We Will.


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Teams from & are getting ready for their thanks to & . They will be learning about & applying practical knowledge to solve real-life problems 👩‍🔧👨‍🔧


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Amazing Year 7 posters, introducing themselves in French!


A huge thank you to all our dedicated staff who gave up their Friday evening to hold our amazing Fair 2019. Science, Maths and Computer Science were there in force with support from our wonderful Consultants, other subjects and TA’s. Thank you all! We Know. We Can. We Will.


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project showcased at where kids and parents learn about activities


A huge thank you to our friends at and who have supported Fair 2019! A huge array of activities, information and guidance on We Know. We Can. We Will.


There’s electricity, dissections and robots at tonight which can only mean one thing; it’s Fair 2019 time! We Know. We Can. We Will.


It’s all about at out Fair 2019 tonight! It’s hands on, messy & practical! Amazing work for Team Science!


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Ready for Session 4 of our Positive Behaviour Programme this morning. The boys will be exploring the ‘Power of Positivity’ 💪🏻


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A powerful start to the week this morning. Great engagement, behaviour and a real willingness to learn from the boys. An excellent session had by all. Positivity is the key to success.


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Have you found out you are attending this September? supply their uniform, have a look at prices and images online! Uniform can be bought in store or online...


It’s so what better excuse is there to dress up as our favourite literary characters! We Know. We Can. We Will.


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Using for the first time to connect with Year7s at and the - Hope the technology works🤞


We are really sorry to hear this & take these things very seriously. If you could DM us or email us with any further information then we will look into this to see if we can identify them. Apologies if this behaviour inconvenienced your journey.


Mr Weatherhead & Ms Fossey took a very lucky Y9 French class down to our new Food Tech classroom for a Crepe making lesson this morning! Instructions & ingredients were discussed in French as they made (and tasted) these classic French treats!#BonAppetit We Know. We Can. We Will.

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Posted on March 12th 2019

World Book Day Celebrates the Wonder of Reading

Kriya, Sophia and Milan, Year 7, report on our fantastic World Book Day activities to celebrate the importance of reading.

Have you ever imagined how all these amazing characters in the photo below came to life? Well, the answer is, our teachers.

On the 7th March 2019, our stupendous teachers helped us celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book character. For Year 7s it was an extraordinary experience as it was their first year seeing this magical transformation.

World Book Day photo

As part of the celebrations, there was a treasure hunt to find out each teacher’s favourite book by looking for quotes hidden around the school.

Vikalya, a student in Year 7 who received an Amazon voucher for winning the treasure hunt, said: "It’s good because I have never won anything in secondary school. I can buy things that I can study with, which could improve educational opportunities." 

We know that there were a lot of people who had entered the hunt but two lucky people won. "I chose to do this because it is fun, and it challenges the brain since you must learn about the book character and the book that you do not know about," she said.

"A broader mindset"

Fahmida, another student in Year 7, also won a prize. "I am happy to win the Amazon gift card because I haven’t won anything from my years in education except a box of Celebrations! I thought it would fun and I had a one in a million chance out of 800 – 900 students and I could not believe that I won. I would never have thought I would win any prizes and I was shocked when my tutor, Miss Cullen, announced that I and Vikalya won. I will spend my money on my favourite books and my everyday hobbies.”

Mr Nyantaki, a maths teacher at the Academy, has a love of reading and he told us: "The books that we read provide knowledge. Knowledge is power and if you are knowledgeable it helps you with life and improves your education. Reading books gives you a broader mindset. World Book Day celebrates the importance of reading books and how books help you."

Best costumes

The English Department was in charge of deciding who had the best costume amongst the teachers. The winners were Mr Scott as John Snow from Game of Thrones and Ms Bent as an Oompa Loompa from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

However, the student journalists at the Invictus Scroll decided we would also like to create our own awards. Here they are:

  • 1st place: Ms Davis as Jane Eyre
  • 2nd place: Mr Scott as John Snow from Games of Thrones
  • 3rd place: Mr Singh as Oliver from Oliver Twist

Overall, World book day 2019 was the best at Harris Invictus this year as all children had fun experiencing the greatness of books. Hopefully next year will be even better!

By Kriya, Sophia and Milan, Year 7