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It’s been great to see how many students have signed up to Volleyball enrichment programme, with our new Coach Mr Nunes! Fantastic shots taken from yesterday’s after school session!


Eid Mubarak to our Muslim community of students and families! We wish you a wonderful Eid!


Happy Easter to our wonderful community! We wish you all a restful Easter weekend!


Well done everyone 💪


Well done everyone 💪


A huge congratulations to all of our students that took part in the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition. In spite of the inclement weather, their perseverance throughout the expedition was truly inspiring.


Mr Manners kicks off this term’s Rewards and Celebrations Evening, along with our four Head Students!


Our Year 8s have been completing a project called My Croydon, exploring the history and amazing architecture in Croydon. They also looked at the work of local signwriter, Lionel Stanhope. See pictures below, completed for Homework. Well done Year 8!


Year 7 have been making their own imagined Dragon eye out of air drying clay. They have used their colour blending skills to add paint to show the scales


We are thrilled to have Mr Nunes, Captain of the London U18 Volleyball Team, with working with us moving forward, as our Associate Sports Coach across all key stages. Fantastic opportunity for our students!


We are thrilled to have Levi, Captain of the London Volleyball Team, with working with us moving forward and our Year 10 and 11 students. Fantastic opportunity for our students!


Each week we have reading buddies from come to read with our Year 2s. This is part of our primary/secondary links and the children love meeting the older Harris children!


Each week we have reading buddies from come to read with our Year 2s. This is part of our primary/secondary links and the children love meeting the older Harris children!


The Great Big Footy & Booky Quiz. Our students did really well on the quiz, with 5 students who got 9 out of 10 questions right! We also held a 'Book Tasting', with different extracts from various books. Students really enjoyed this and championed their favourite book choices.


This week we also celebrated 🧪Activities spanned across lessons, lunchtimes, and after school! We had demos, fun experiments, and a quiz for all students to take part in!Thank you to Ms Salmon and the whole science team for such a fun filled week!


Fantastic recital this afternoon! With our first place winner reciting a whopping 263 digits of Pi!!!Fantastic effort by all of our participants and Happy Pi Day once again! Thank you to Ms Lee and her Maths team for organising


Happy Pi Day! It’s been fantastic wishing all of our students happy Pi day today! Here’s some of teachers in their Pi tees! Tomorrow, is our annual Pi Recital comp and we can’t wait! Last year’s winner, a former Y11 recited 177 digits of Pi!!!


Historian Isaac Crichlow visited our Year 8s and Year 10s today to discuss his research on African and Caribbean cultures during and after transatlantic enslavement. They asked some great questions. Thanks Isaac for your time and energy.Truly inspirational!


🎶 We’re so lucky to have not one but TWO MiSST Together days happening today in different parts of the UK. 🙌 Students from a total of 6 of our partner schools are making music together in Oldham and Peckham! We can’t wait to hear them play! 🎺🎻#MusicEducation…


🎶 We’re so lucky to have not one but TWO MiSST Together days happening today in different parts of the UK. 🙌 Students from a total of 6 of our partner schools are making music together in Oldham and Peckham! We can’t wait to hear them play! 🎺🎻#MusicEducation…

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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Education

On this page we explain what we mean by spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) at Harris Invictus Academy Croydon, and how we approach teaching it.

What we mean by SMSC

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education covers the following areas.

  • Spiritual -  exploring beliefs and experience; respecting values; discovering oneself and the surrounding world; using imagination and creativity; reflecting.
  • Moral - recognising right and wrong; understanding consequences; investigating moral and ethical issues; offering reasoned views.
  • Social - using social skills in different contexts; working well with others; resolving conflicts; understanding how communities work.
  • Cultural - appreciating cultural influences; participating in cultural opportunities; understanding, accepting, respecting and celebrating diversity.

Tutorial Programme (SMSC tasks)

As part of our tutorial programme we have a weekly SMSC task in which all students in the academy take part. Topics cover an extensive range of subjects which develop students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding, including politics, media and religion.

Information is presented without bias, challenging students to discuss and debate issues taking place across the world as well as in Britain. Students are encouraged to interrogate the moral, cultural, spiritual and social aspects of the world around them. They develop a balanced point of view and empathy for those in the wider and local environment.


Assemblies at Harris Invictus Academy Croydon foster a sense of enquiry and interest in a range of religious, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and wider life issues, and provide clear guidance on what is right and wrong.

They link to the weekly SMSC tutor activity and are themed around current affairs, global and local issues and key aspects of the SMSC curriculum which are relevant to our context.

Each assembly encourages a sense of community and loyalty to the Hub and the Academy underpinned by a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values. Each week offers the opportunity of a public platform to encourage and celebrate individual and collective successes.

Week beginning 2024

Assembly Theme

Spring 2  
19 February Welcome Back
26 February World Book Day
4 March International Women’s Day
11 March Pi Day
18 March Neurodiversity Celebration Week
23 March Celebrations Assemblies
Summer 1  
15 April Welcome Back
22 April World Day for Cultural Diversity
29 April Creative Pathways
6 May Charity Focus
13 May Mental Health Awareness Week
20 May Local History Month

 Engaging with the local community

Work experience - students in Year 10 develop a range of skills related to the world of work when they participate in Work Experience. Students are given positions in the local and wider community in order to gain valuable social skills and experience of the world around them.

Guest speakers - visiting speakers to the Academy enable our students to gain first-hand knowledge of charities and businesses in the local community.

Celebrations open to the public - our very popular musicals and Rewards Evenings are open to members of the public to attend, forging social and community engagement.

Enrichment programme

Our enrichment programme provides extra-curricular activities designed to be fun and enhance our students’ experience at the Academy. Our students extend their learning beyond that of the standard curriculum in an environment that caters for and challenges all. They develop a range of essential skills that will help them become active, enterprising and well-rounded individuals. Students are expected to attend at least one enrichment activity on a weekly basis each term where they will enjoy a range of fun activities in a social setting.

Student leadership

Student Leadership is the individual and collective perspective and actions of young people within the context of learning and education at Harris Invictus Academy Croydon. Students vote for their form representatives and apply for student leadership roles across the Academy. Our young people are empowered to give their opinions and suggestions on Academy life in an open, democratic, secure and constructive way.

Religious Education and Philosophy

The curriculum for Religious Education (RE) and Philosophy is broad and well-balanced, promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of students, and helping to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Our RE themes involve respect, self-esteem, appreciation and wonder and open-mindedness. We offer a balanced approach to students’ religious education which is broadly Christian, but encompasses all major faiths.