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Thank you Mr Mayor for supporting for awarding talented students at the Community Showcase


Another fantastic piece of news from HIAC - our Under 14 boys have WON the Basketball Croydon Cup yesterday- gold medals all round!! Bring on the next competition!! Many thanks to all involved especially Mr Simpson and Coach Raymond We Know. We Can. We Will.


HIAC are very proud to announce that on Friday our Year 9 girls played exceptionally well in the Under 14 Basketball Croydon Cup competition and won silver medals 👏👏👏 Huge congratulations to the team and Coach Raymond. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Harris Invictus have been packing contributions from students, parents and carers for the local Croydon Community Food Bank. Thank you to all who have donated and to Miss Davis for leading on Food Poverty this week in assemblies. a difference We Know. We Can. We Will.


A selection of Year 9 and 10 HIAC students went to HASN yesterday to play basketball. They remain undeterred and will try and train even harder next time. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Sixth Form Open Evening went fantastically well this evening at HIAC and we had some lovely comments: “Your students talk really highly about your school” “I didn’t expect you to offer all the subjects I want to study” staff We Know. We Can. We Will.


Join us for our Year 6 Open Morning on Thursday 10th October and Wednesday 16th October from 9-9.45am and see for yourselves how lovely our Academy truly is. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Open morning went fantastically well today! We had some lovely comments from parents: “It’s lovely to see students in such a calm working environment” “The corridors are so quiet” “The tour guides are lovely, true ambassadors to your Academy” We Know. We Can. We Will.


What an amazing evening and a fantastic turn out at Harris Invictus Open evening! Families spoke about the wonderful atmosphere here at the Academy. Feeling proud. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Harris Invictus Academy Congratulations to Year 11, on their GCSE results. First ever students at Invictus, celebrating our first ever set of results. The students have done remarkably well. A fantastic achievement for Invictus. .


Our final stop of the day was an incredible biscuit factory where we were shown the home vs mass bakery techniques and got some free samples! We Know. We Can. We Will.


The aquarium was next! Our favourite was the submarine deck where we could see the sharks under water! Plenty of Nemo spotting in the tropic tank! We Know. We Can. We Will.


A trip through the old town this morning with a chance to explore shops and cafes - lots of souvenirs bought! We Know. We Can. We Will.


Au revoir Dover! We are off on our day trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer! See you soon France 🇫🇷 We Know. We Can. We Will.


was one of many highlights this week! Too many medals to name everyone individually but an amazing 9 medals overall and a huge effort from the staff in the relay! Well done everyone, you made us proud! We Know. We Can. We Will.


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Congratulations to all finalists and winners of our 4th annual Spelling Bee! 68 students, 15 schools, French, Spanish & Mandarin = our biggest to date. Thanks to hosts & passionate teachers for supporting & entering students.


An amazing 6th Form Taster Day yesterday with our Y11’s and students from other schools visiting us to get a taste of what next year will look like in Y12! Welcome to the Invictus Family We Know. We Can. We Will.


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We look forward to welcoming & to -


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Here is to our awesome judges! 2nd wave students are back as judges for the third wave celebration.


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We celebrate each and every day at !

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Posted on April 1st 2019

Year 7 Poets Perform in Front of Hundreds

Year 7 performed The Carnival of the Animals to a mesmerised audience in Upper Norwood in March. Report by Priya and Lekshmi, Year 7.

Ms Davis’s English class (7X1) went on a fun trip on Sunday 17th March. We performed our own poems to more than 350 people! The event was called The Carnival of Animals and was held at St John the Evangelist Church in Upper Norwood.

We had all been working very hard on this ‘not so secret project’. The poetry organisation Well Versed Ink helped us on the project by holding poetry workshops in our English class. 

Carnival of the Animals 2

Furkaan, Flori, Aayan, Grace, Lekshmi and Priya went on the trip and performed beautifully in front of the exhilarated and mesmerised audience. It was a wonderful experience.

The audience was respectful and listened eagerly for more. The little ones at the show enjoyed it too – there must have been over 100 toddlers in the audience! How did we know they were having fun? They imitated the actions of all the animals they knew. For example, when we read our lion poem, all the kids roared and joined in with us.

We also had lots of fun back stage reciting the poems. When the show ended, we got a few interviews from the audience to see how well they thought we did.

Carnival of the Animals 3

"Absolutely amazing"

Tim Spoerer, a music teacher at Ecclesbourne Primary School and conductor and leader of the Djembe Kings, said, “I couldn’t be happier. What a beautiful space it is as well. It is amazing to hear something we usually only hear on the internet come to life. I absolutely love animals. I think they are amazing creatures and we ought to help them out. I am extremely sad that all the corals are dying and we, as humans, should make a difference.”

Carnival of the Animals 4

“My favourite animal is either a bush baby or a rhino. If there is another show next year, I would definitely come. I have always loved animals and this show has made me love animals even more. If I had to pick from all the poems, I would pick the Aviary or the Aquarium poem. I don't think that anything could have been improved it was absolutely amazing, and as a teacher I am truly impressed.”


Jenny, a member of the London Mozart Players, who helped run the show, said, “I felt very excited about what you have achieved, and the audience of course really enjoyed it. I think that animals are amazing beings who we should look after as without them we wouldn’t exist. I also had a horse when I was eight and I still love them to this day! My favourite poems (although I loved them all!) was the swan and shark poem as they had a lovely message behind them. I also think that the performance did not need any amount of improvement considering that you were under a lot of pressure, but you guys still coped very well and made a fantastic performance! If there is another show next year - whether it's about animals or not - I will definitely come and watch as well as help!”

Carnival of the Animals

We also managed to get an interview with some students. Shiv, a student at Ecclesbourne Primary School, simply summed it for all of us: “It was great. It was really great.”

We would like to thank everyone at Well Versed Ink and London Mozart Players who helped us prepare for this incredible performance and all the children and adults who contributed.

By Priya and Lekshmi, Year 7    

Students at Harris Invictus Academy Croydon are writing new stories for the school website as part of an after-school club facilitated by Ms Davis. Their articles will also appear in our termly newsletter, Invictus Scroll.