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Thank you Mr Mayor for supporting for awarding talented students at the Community Showcase


Another fantastic piece of news from HIAC - our Under 14 boys have WON the Basketball Croydon Cup yesterday- gold medals all round!! Bring on the next competition!! Many thanks to all involved especially Mr Simpson and Coach Raymond We Know. We Can. We Will.


HIAC are very proud to announce that on Friday our Year 9 girls played exceptionally well in the Under 14 Basketball Croydon Cup competition and won silver medals 👏👏👏 Huge congratulations to the team and Coach Raymond. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Harris Invictus have been packing contributions from students, parents and carers for the local Croydon Community Food Bank. Thank you to all who have donated and to Miss Davis for leading on Food Poverty this week in assemblies. a difference We Know. We Can. We Will.


A selection of Year 9 and 10 HIAC students went to HASN yesterday to play basketball. They remain undeterred and will try and train even harder next time. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Sixth Form Open Evening went fantastically well this evening at HIAC and we had some lovely comments: “Your students talk really highly about your school” “I didn’t expect you to offer all the subjects I want to study” staff We Know. We Can. We Will.


Join us for our Year 6 Open Morning on Thursday 10th October and Wednesday 16th October from 9-9.45am and see for yourselves how lovely our Academy truly is. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Open morning went fantastically well today! We had some lovely comments from parents: “It’s lovely to see students in such a calm working environment” “The corridors are so quiet” “The tour guides are lovely, true ambassadors to your Academy” We Know. We Can. We Will.


What an amazing evening and a fantastic turn out at Harris Invictus Open evening! Families spoke about the wonderful atmosphere here at the Academy. Feeling proud. We Know. We Can. We Will.


Harris Invictus Academy Congratulations to Year 11, on their GCSE results. First ever students at Invictus, celebrating our first ever set of results. The students have done remarkably well. A fantastic achievement for Invictus. .


Our final stop of the day was an incredible biscuit factory where we were shown the home vs mass bakery techniques and got some free samples! We Know. We Can. We Will.


The aquarium was next! Our favourite was the submarine deck where we could see the sharks under water! Plenty of Nemo spotting in the tropic tank! We Know. We Can. We Will.


A trip through the old town this morning with a chance to explore shops and cafes - lots of souvenirs bought! We Know. We Can. We Will.


Au revoir Dover! We are off on our day trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer! See you soon France 🇫🇷 We Know. We Can. We Will.


was one of many highlights this week! Too many medals to name everyone individually but an amazing 9 medals overall and a huge effort from the staff in the relay! Well done everyone, you made us proud! We Know. We Can. We Will.


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Congratulations to all finalists and winners of our 4th annual Spelling Bee! 68 students, 15 schools, French, Spanish & Mandarin = our biggest to date. Thanks to hosts & passionate teachers for supporting & entering students.


An amazing 6th Form Taster Day yesterday with our Y11’s and students from other schools visiting us to get a taste of what next year will look like in Y12! Welcome to the Invictus Family We Know. We Can. We Will.


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We look forward to welcoming & to -


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Here is to our awesome judges! 2nd wave students are back as judges for the third wave celebration.


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We celebrate each and every day at !

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Modern Foreign Languages

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Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 7

-Greetings, classroom instructions, classroom questions

-"Unlocking Languages"

  1. Why languages?
  2. Cognates, Clues, Patterns, Gender

-Expressions to describe how you feel

-Name and French alphabet

-Vocab of numbers (1-20), age

-Days of the week, months, the date, yearly celebrations

-Adjectives to describe physical appearance/face, key colours,

-Key vocab on family members

-Consolidation of vocab of family, consolidation of numbers, days of the week and months

-Consolidation of vocab of family and physical description

key vocab on personality types

-Talking about friends


-Revision of full module; focus on key questions and answers on personal identity, phrases to describe relationships, key verbs of opinion and connectives


-Key School subjects

-Consolidation of opinion verbs

-Recycling question starter "Est-ce que..?" to ask for opinion + Oui/Non

-Extended vocab of school subjects

-Positive/negative adjectives, revision of verbs of opinion, revision of connectives, "c'est", phrases of justification

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 1)

-Consolidation of numbers (1-60), introduction of simple time structures, revision of days of the week and vocab around timetable

-Assessment feedback


- School equipment and classroom equipment

Revision of colours and adjectives of size

-Phrases to describe location

-School day vocabulary, -Revision of time and introduction of more complex times

-School uniform and general clothing; revisions of colours

-Food/drinks in canteen/breakfast,

-Revision of verbs of opinion, connectives and adjectives

-Vocab and verb phrases around routine

-Revision of time structures and numbers

-Key vocab around school facilities

-Revision of full module

-"Unlocking Languages" – Learning tools to unlock the French Language

-Key vocab about weather, revisions of dates, revisions of clothing vocab

-Sport and physical activities, verbs of activities

-Hobbies and free-time activities,

-Extension: Use of past and future tense -  hier j'ai joué/fait, demain je vais jouer/faire

-Consolidation of opinion phrases and introducing new ones


-Consolidating and extending vocab of activities, positive and negative adjectives to describe an activity, time expressions

-Consolidation of sports, -Adverbs of frequency

-Consolidation of opinions and sports

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 2)

-Healthy living vocabulary and advice

-Assessment feedback

overall revisions of Modules 1 and 3

-Create an interview with a celebrity

-Interrogative pronouns/Asking questions

Year 8

-Revision from Y7: classroom instructions and questions ("Est-ce que je peux …?" – Can I…?)

-Introducing yourself, talking about likes/dislikes

-"Unlocking Languages"

Learning tools to unlock the French Language

-Countries and location (à la campagne, au bord de la mer, en ville, …), --Rooms in the house

-Places in town, revision of opinion verb phrases, adjectives and intensifiers.

-Key connectives (et, mais, cependant, parce que, car, donc)

Consolidation of places in town

-Revision of days of the week, introduction of parts of the day (matin, après-midi, soir), Revision of activities to do around town

-Consolidation of places in town and activities to do around town, --Extended vocab of time expressions (ce weekend, vendredi soir, …), revision of time (numbers)

-Extended vocab of activities in town (infinitive verbs)

-Re-introduction of food and drink vocab, expressions of politeness (Pardon, Excusez-moi, S'il vous plait, je vous en prie…)

-Consolidation of vocabulary of activities around town

-Phrases on weather with conjunction "si" (if)

-Time expressions to build a narrative ("d'abord", "ensuite", "puis"…)

-Revisions of key phrase in past, present and future tenses

-Extended vocab of rooms and furniture, prepositions of location (where items are)

-Cultural Aspect: revised region mapping of France, top ten cities in France and their locations on the map, rivers and seas in France, mountain chains and differing climates


-School holidays, vocabulary of destinations

-Consolidation of activities of hobbies and around town, revisions of days of the week and other time expressions (la premiere semaine, …)

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 1) -----Consolidation of activities of hobbies and around town

-Revision of time expressions (la premiere semaine, …)

-Assessment feedback

revision of module and consolidation

-Using negative adjectives to describe a bad holiday, specific vocabulary of bad events on holiday (prendre, être malade, …)

-Vocabulary of a visit (city or theme park), adjectives to describe how it was, consolidation of intensifiers

vocabulary of means of transports, infinitives verbs

-Links to holidays (arriver, partir, aller, rester, sortir, rentrer)

-Means of transport, infinitives verbs links to holidays (arriver, partir, aller, rester, sortir, rentrer)

revision of module and consolidation, negative adjectives to describe a bad holiday, specific vocabulary of bad events on holiday (prendre, être malade, …)

-Consolidation of vocabulary from module, -Reintroduction to question words, revision of time expressions in narrative

-General revision of module

-Activities online

-Computers and devices, technology, adverbs of frequency (quelquefois, souvent, tous les jours, …),

-TV programmes and key adjectives to describe them, revision of time structures (numbers)

-Film genres, transactional phrases to make a purchase, including greetings in formal situation (Je voudrais, C'est combien, S'il vous plait, …)

-Music genres, extended vocab of opinions such as agreeing/disagreeing and giving reasons (Je suis d'accord, je pense que, personnellement, …)

-Verbs of evening routine and spare-time activities (regarder, surfer, jouer, manger, chatter …), time expressions of narration (d'abord, ensuite, puis, avant de …)

-General revision of module

-Calendar celebrations, -Revision of numbers and dates, revisions of opinion expressions and reasons

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 2)

-Extended vocab around Bastille day celebrations, -Revision of numbers

-Assessment feedback

-Extended vocab around celebrations and events, time expressions

-World festivals

Year 9

-Phrases to give basic personal information

-Common questions to ask for personal information

-Classroom questions and language

-Family and extended family

-Adjectives of personality and physical appearance

shops and places in town vocab, directions and location vocab, time expressions

nouns and adjectives of character traits, indirect speech verbs (dire / croire / penser), intensifiers and phrases of opinion (à  mon avis, selon moi, pour moi)

verbs describing relationships (s'entendre avec, se disputer avec, se bagarrer avec, se confier à,, …), emphatic pronouns (moi, toi, lui, elle, …)

vocab around outings, time (numbers and structure), common interrogative pronouns (who with, what time, how, when, where), adjectives describing feelings

revisiting vocab of outings and places in town, verb of opinions, time expressions,  common connectives (puis, ensuite, mais, parce que, car)

-Common vocabulary & phrases to give personal details

-Revision of full M1 vocabulary

-Revision of vocabulary from Module 1

-Verb phrases of opinion (j'apprécie, j'admire, je suis fan de), personality adjectives,

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 1)

-Assessment feedback

-Sports and hobbies

- Verbs of opinion (trouver, penser, aimer, …), adjectives of opinion


-Technology, devices and activities on them

-TV and film programmes

-Time expressions and connectives (hier soir, d'abord, ensuite, et puis, …)

-Extended vocabulary around sports, language to describe a physical activities (ballon, ball, terrain, un filet, une cage de but, une piscine,un maillot de bain, …)

-Computer and online activities, positive and negative adjectives

-Key verbs related to online world (envoyer, texter, twitter ...)

-Book and literature genre vocab,

-Revision of opinion phrases (selon moi …)

-Revision of vocabulary from Module 2

-Extended vocab on TV programmes, key phrases in debating (je (ne) suis (pas) d'accord, je (ne) suis (pas) du meme avis que, je pense/crois/estime que, …)

-Revision of vocabulary from Module 2

-Extended vocab on film genres and movie vocab (acteur/actrice, festival, tapis rouge, scène, effets spéciaux, …), positive and negative adjectives


-Revision of vocabulary from Module 2

-Full revision of Module 2

-Food and drink vocabulary

-Time expressions, connectives and frequency adverbs

-Quantities (un kilo, un paquet, un pot, un morceau,

-Modal verbs (verbs of possibility and necessity)

-Shops and clothing, adjectives of size and colours, vocab of material (en cuir, en cotton, …)

-Key phrases to interact in a shop

-Common verbs of daily routine (je me réveille, …), numbers and time structure, -School (avoir cours, aller en récréation),

-Interrogative pronouns

-Extended vocab of food and drinks, calendar celebrations (Noel, Chandeleur, jour de l'an, …)

-Ingredients and recipe instructions, vocab of measurements

-Mealtimes and routines, -Revisions of time structures, -Vocab of survey figures (… pourcent, un quart de, une personne sur …)

-Phrases of politeness

-Vocab of family celebrations (anniversaire, mariage, anniversaire de mariage, PACS, bapteme, …)

-Time expressions

Extended vocab of celebrations and festivals, Vocab of dates (numbers and months)

-Celebrations (costumes, danse, musique, nourriture,…)

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 2)

-Assessment feedback

-Vocab around army and military, processions and fireworks, food and drinks, music and celebrations

-Full revision of Module 3

Year 10

-Revision of

key vocab about locations and areas, prepositions

-Weather and transport

-Extended vocab of town and directions

-Adjectives to describe places

-Names of regions and main cities

-Regional customs and traditions

-Key verb phrases, e.g. il y a, on a, nous avons, on trouve, on peut trouver, …


-Activities around town

-Key phrases to ask for information and help in tourist context

-Revision of vocabulary of module 4

-Extended vocab of weather

-Key verbs of plans (rester, aller, sortir),

-Time expressions for days, including "aujourd'hui", "demain" and "hier"

-Community projects and actions

-Full revision of Module 4

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 1)

-Assessment feedback


-Countries and holiday destinations

-Key verbs of activities

-Accommodation and transport

-Time expressions in all 3 time-frames

-Vocab to interact in tourist context (café, information points, …)

-Authentic phrases (de préférence, si possible, en plus, je trouve que …)

-Extended vocab of accommodation and rooming, room descriptions, facilities and furniture,

-Key phrases for giving reviews and recommendations

-Revision of vocab of Module 5


-Meals, food and restaurants

-Key phrases to order, numbers and currency

-Expressions of politeness

-Extended vocab of transport and journey (passeport, billet de …, péage, quai, …)

-Revision of transactional language

-Objects and souvenirs

-Revision of numbers and currencies

-Incidents and difficult situations, negative adjectives, key verbs of feelings and complaint

-Revision of vocab of Module 5


-School subjects, numbers and time, days of the week --Adjectives of opinion

-Vocab around school premises and facilities, staff and rooms

-Timetable and school rules

-School systems

extended vocab around school systems

-Extended vocab of school rules, modal verbs (on doit, on peut) and impersonal phrases (il faut, il est interdit de)

-Revision of expressions of opinion (à mon avis, selon moi, …)

-Revision of vocab on food and drink and physical activities

-Revision of frequency adverbs + time expressions

-Healthy and unhealthy habits (c'est sain/malsain, fumer, boire de l'alcool, prendre de la drogue, …) -Adjectives to describe unhealthy habits (malsain, dangereux, cher, addictif, …)

-Harris Federation Assessments in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar (Cycle 2)

-Assessment feedback

-Revision of full Module 6

-Vocab around religion and ostentatious items (une croix, une chaine, un voile, une main de Fatma, …)

Year 11

-Revision and review

-Key vocab on professions and work places


-Phrases to describe jobs (c'est bien payé, les horaires sont fixes, les collègues sont sympa, …)

-Extended vocab on careers and professions, -Phrases of opinion

vocab around future plans and dreams

 -Extended phrases to express wishes (j'ai envie de, j'ai l'intention de, j'espère, je compte, …)

-Revision of vocabulary from Module 7

-Job application and interview, extended adjectives of personality and competence, modal verbs (je veux, je peux, …)

-Year 11 L Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing mock exams

-Assessment feedback

-Vocabulary of case studies and interviews

-Revision of vocabulary from module 7

-Preview of vocabulary from Module 8

-Human rights, social issues and environment

-Impersonal phrases (tout le monde, on, ça, il faut, …), phrases to debate (je suis d'accord, je suis de l'avis que …)

-Vocab around global issues (deforestations, sécheresse, pollution de l'air, …)

-Actions to protect environment

vocab on ethical shopping (commerce équitable, …)

Year 11 L Listening, Reading and Writing mock exams


-Year 11 Speaking mock exam

-Assessment feedback

-Volunteering , charity organisations and actions

vocab on big events (Tour de France, Coupe du monde, Carnaval de Nice, …)

-Key phrases to debate, key connectives to present argumentation

Final Speaking exam preparation

-Final Speaking exam preparation

-General exam preparation