Thank you for this beautiful art work by Emilia. Work from Ms Derby's Year 7 art class - creating art work by reading a description of a mythical being and using written clues to create a visual representation. Well done!


Year 11 continue to work hard producing beautiful informative posters on the Water Cycle in Biology. Amazing efforts in remote learning! Keep it up Year 11! - Ms Bent


NLT Literacy for Learning conference. There are a range of events for students, teachers & parents. Includes careers related sessions as well as literary workshops with authors for students and parents; and teachers. See the Invictus Website.


Colleagues at Harris Invictus are undertaking a challenge during this lockdown in which they are completing a collective walk from Lands End to John O’Groats. Raising money for Off The Record - a counselling service for our local children. We will keep you updated.


Thank you to all our parents for completing our survey. Your support for our Remote Learning approach is much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.


Excellent work on distance-time graphs, presented beautifully by Year 11.


“Fantastic discussion and contributions by Year 11 in Hooke’s Law Physics”


Well done Year 11! - Mr Green


Big shout out to all Y11 completing maths online – from Mr Green.


More great work from our year 11 students. Looking really good...


Engagement high in Y11 lessons - well done!


So proud of our Y10 students engaging in lessons online today.


Really proud of our students and their engagement with the online work, showing great attitude and resolve. Here is the work for my history today. I'm sorry for the score I got in my quiz, I believe I could've done better and will aim to do so in the next quiz you give! (Yr 9)


Harris Invictus prove how big their heart is by this amazing collection for our local foodbank.


Thank you to all those parents who attended the online safety workshop. Resources will be available to all soon. A big thanks to our guest speaker, Jonathan Taylor - a very informative evening for children, parents and staff.


Reminder - Online safety talk tonight for parents. Link for the parent online safety talk from 6-7pm on Monday, 7th December 2020 click here:


For information please visit our website


A buzz of enthusiasm is in the air at our Year 11 Post-16 Subject Marketplace. Our keen Year 11 ‘buyers’ are browsing our subject exhibitions ahead of choosing their options for next year!


More great art from our talented students.


Great work from our students!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Black Lives Matter at Invictus

Dear Community,

We are deeply saddened by the tragic unnecessary senseless death of George Floyd.

We the Invictus family are fundamentally committed to the Black Lives Matter movement and will strive for positive change.

Being situated in the middle of London road we fully embrace our diverse community. The Academy is here for a reason, a purpose, to write the future of our young people and to embody the beating heart of Croydon.

We will endeavour to further educate one another and improve the life chances of our young people.

We believe in positive role models, our children growing up to be academic business minded people, graduates and having safe, happy and fulfilling lives.

The Invictus family have joined together as one to stand against racism and inequality.

The Invictus staff have already begun to review the curriculum, challenge the meaning of unconscious bias to raise the profile of how black history as well as future texts are taught and conveyed through PSHE, tutor time projects, written work and intellect. We have delivered powerful assemblies, albeit virtually on Black Lives Matters, Windrush day, aspirations and ambition. We want to bring the positives of the real world and what it can mean to the classroom through a further improved, refined type of lens.

Our Aims for the future:

Aim 1: To create a clear anti-racism Charter that is known to all members of the academy

Aim 2: To designate and train individuals to act as co-ordinators / champions of anti-racist/multi-cultural education

Aim 3: To carry out regular checks and updates to ensure that both multi-cultural and anti-racist educational approaches are being implemented within the curriculum and our, policies and procedures

Aim 4: To use our curriculum, tutor time, assemblies and school-wide events/celebrations to promote positive images of, and responses to, all cultures and communities in our diverse community

Through this website we will endeavour to celebrate the future of our Invictus children and reach out to our community.   We are so proud of our students and staff body. We are committed to ensuring that our students' generation take greater strides forward to become a young dynamic group of professionals who are equipped to begin their journey in an equal society - but it starts with us here first.  This page will be dedicated to the success stories of our young black students and to equality across our Academy for all.

Join the Harris Invictus family to ensure that we give our children the best education, the best enrichment and the best support from our parents, carers and wider community.  

We start by saying NO to racism.

We do not tolerate this at Invictus - ever and we commit to actively reviewing and promoting equality and diversity in absolutely everything we do.

Ms Bergin


We Know. We Can. We Will.


See below, recent stories and art from students and staff.

Elijah Year 8 is an aspiring artist with ambitions to share his work and support  his community along the way.

see Elijah's picture below at a recent fundraising event organised by Elijah to raise money to support Voyage Youth, a charity who aims to support and transform the  lives of young BAME people.

To donate, please follow link:


Damy Year 10                                                                          Lekshmi Year 8

Click below for more stories from twitter 

We all need...... 

Positive Role models to provide a vision, and visual proof, for who we aspire to be.

The most successful people in life are those who find lessons and inspiration in the success and failure of others. Role models can drastically impact our world view, behaviour, and growth...... Everyone needs positive role models.