Please join us at 4pm today we have a 'Talk for parents on Mental Health' on the 24th March from 4-5pm by Celina Grant – Mental Health Nurse and Wellbeing Consultant.


After a successful testing programme at school students should now be completing their lateral flow tests at home. Please see link for guidance.


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Talk for parents on Mental Health on the 24th March from 4-5pm by Celina Grant – Mental Health Nurse and Wellbeing Consultant


We are delighted to have been loaned these masks from the Handling Collection , including Sowei mask, Gelede helmet mask & Walu mask. Year 8 students will be so excited to see the masks they have been learning about during online learning.


Our final day! After our talk in Pharmaceuticals yesterday by Ms Pang and Wednesday's Aeronautics session by Mr Tinago, today's speaker Ms Mckenzie, a Nurse working in mental health! Invictus students & staff can access the session from 4 pm via Teams!


Talk for parents on Mental Health on the 24th March from 4-5pm by Celina Grant – Mental Health Nurse and Wellbeing Consultant


Today's second speaker is Steven Markham and he will be taking the virtual stage at 4 pm! He will be discussing his work and career as an automotive engineer! Invictus students & staff can access the session from 4 pm via their Teams! Join us for today's Q&A!


Today is the first of our sessions with Navaratnam Partheeban, a British Farm Vetenarian and co-founder of the British Veterinary Ethnicity & Diversity Society! Invictus students & staff can access the session from 4 pm via their Teams! Join us for a Q&A!


It was great to see our students back to the Academy for their first COVID test - 85% of Year 11 students tested. Keeping our community safe.


Happy Science Week! British Science Week officially starts today! We look forward to celebrating it on Monday and all of next week! Exciting activities in store including our virtual Speaker in STEM series!


We are looking forward to the return of our students to the Academy next week. Please watch for texts/emails, we will keep you up to date with any information you will need. Please remember consent forms! Thank you for all your support.


45 of our more able Key Stage 3 students are currently in a Teams meeting with Dr Matt Williams from Oxford University discussing what university is and why it might be the right choice for them when they are older.


Today, the Science Department are celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Students are also sharing their thoughts on why celebrating Women in Science is important!


Introducing Mr Harris and Mr Invictus, two fantastic snowmen created by Asia in Year 7. Brilliant!


Please click on picture for Young Croydon Half term Programme.


Lekshmi in Year 9 has produced an amazing presentation titled 'The History of Space Flight' after one of her feedback lessons in Science. Such detail and effort went into producing this fantastic piece of work! Ms Cullen and the Science team say, "Well Done Lekshmi!"


Bedrock Learning - The programme is a broad and rich curriculum which immerses students in academic vocabulary, whilst ensuring learners read interesting fiction and non-fiction texts’ Please encourage your son/daughter to use at home. See link :


Parents/Carers/students - don't forget to check out the Bedrock learning resources! Introduction link Guide for Parents


Here at Invictus we are passionate about supporting the mental health of our students. We have been utilizing online platforms such as Microsoft Teams to offer students a range of techniques to support their mental wellbeing.


Thank you for this beautiful art work by Emilia. Work from Ms Derby's Year 7 art class - creating art work by reading a description of a mythical being and using written clues to create a visual representation. Well done!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Help and support for parents

All of our leaders and staff understand how challenging these times are for parents, carers and their families. We have created this section to keep you in the loop with things at the academy and to offer some additional websites and sources of help and support.

Please see here for our approach to remote learning.


For safeguarding reasons, teachers are not permitted to give out their telephone numbers, but pupils will be able to email into the school, and the school switchboard will continue to be operational.

If during a temporary closure of the school you or your child need to reach us, our telephone number is 0203 371 3002 and our email address is

The most urgent enquiries, including safeguarding issues for any vulnerable pupils, will be answered first. If your enquiry is not urgent, please bear with us if there is a delay in responding. 

Free school meals

As you are aware you can get additional support for Free school meals. If you believe your child may be entitled to Free School Meals or you want to enquire about Free School Meals Vouchers during school closure, please contact the school office on 0203 371 3002

Online Learning

We are conscious that with the increased amount of time on-line that we need to be more vigilant than ever. Please do read our Staying Safe Online guidance. And if you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact the safeguarding team at the Academy.

Staying Safe Online - click here

Virtual learning

A questionnaire for parents has been completed and we have used your feedback to make improvements and respond to any concerns raised. Please keep in contact if you feel there is anything further, we can do to support.

Please do support and help your child:

- by helping them to create a schedule for their school week

- asking them to show you their work and to talk through it with them

- trying to help students with their work, for example if your child is stuck, asking them to talk through their work and where they are stuck can often help. Our teachers are trying their very best to mark and feedback on work so check your child is submitting their work so that teachers can help.

- remaining positive and helping your child to socialise, for example, Skype and facetime.

Having routines is important so having a sharp start to the day with breaks and lunch is important and we have tried to ensure that routines are kept consistent by keeping to the usual Academy day.

Support for parents of vulnerable students, including those with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities

The academy has remained opened for the above group and prepared a timetable for students who are attending, including social distanced physical education! We have ensured that all social distancing and Government protocols are being followed. If you are a keyworker and you want your child to attend school then please do email: or call us on 0203 371 3002. The latest list of keyworkers can be found on:

Our SEND students (those who have an Education, health and care plan) have a mixture of remote learning, one-to-one tutorials in English, mathematics and science and remote support from a member of the SEND team. Our speech and language therapist has also continued with remote support and this has been very much appreciated by parents.

Ms Jamila Astwood is leading the SEND team during this time and so please email her on if you have any questions and/or queries.

Please note that there is some useful help and advice available for parents to help support children with special educational needs during the crisis. This includes:

Top tips for autism and coronavirus:

The Croydon local offer, updated for Covid-19 can be accessed on:

The Harris Invictus Academy Support email

We have created a bespoke email for parents and students to use during the crisis. It is:

We will prioritise dealing with any concerns in relation to our vulnerable group of students but we have a team of staff who will monitor and check any information coming into the email.

Other sources of support and guidance

We are conscious that remote learning and students using more internet resources may bring some additional worries. Our staff have received updated training and protocols on safeguarding at this time. We are confident that our use of technology is safe.

However, you may find the following particularly useful:

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

The college have identified a range of useful websites and information to help parents and children at this time. The website can be found here:

The webpage can also be downloaded as a pdf here:

Stay at home activities for children and young people

Young Minds – advice for young people on coronavirus

Mind – advice for adults on protecting their mental health and well-being


Croydon Voluntary Action for local support

And a reminder of help for staying safe remote – you may wish to discuss this with your child too:




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