Today, the Science Department are celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Students are also sharing their thoughts on why celebrating Women in Science is important!


Introducing Mr Harris and Mr Invictus, two fantastic snowmen created by Asia in Year 7. Brilliant!


Please click on picture for Young Croydon Half term Programme.


Lekshmi in Year 9 has produced an amazing presentation titled 'The History of Space Flight' after one of her feedback lessons in Science. Such detail and effort went into producing this fantastic piece of work! Ms Cullen and the Science team say, "Well Done Lekshmi!"


Bedrock Learning - The programme is a broad and rich curriculum which immerses students in academic vocabulary, whilst ensuring learners read interesting fiction and non-fiction texts’ Please encourage your son/daughter to use at home. See link :


Parents/Carers/students - don't forget to check out the Bedrock learning resources! Introduction link Guide for Parents


Here at Invictus we are passionate about supporting the mental health of our students. We have been utilizing online platforms such as Microsoft Teams to offer students a range of techniques to support their mental wellbeing.


Thank you for this beautiful art work by Emilia. Work from Ms Derby's Year 7 art class - creating art work by reading a description of a mythical being and using written clues to create a visual representation. Well done!


Year 11 continue to work hard producing beautiful informative posters on the Water Cycle in Biology. Amazing efforts in remote learning! Keep it up Year 11! - Ms Bent


NLT Literacy for Learning conference. There are a range of events for students, teachers & parents. Includes careers related sessions as well as literary workshops with authors for students and parents; and teachers. See the Invictus Website.


Colleagues at Harris Invictus are undertaking a challenge during this lockdown in which they are completing a collective walk from Lands End to John O’Groats. Raising money for Off The Record - a counselling service for our local children. We will keep you updated.


Thank you to all our parents for completing our survey. Your support for our Remote Learning approach is much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.


Excellent work on distance-time graphs, presented beautifully by Year 11.


“Fantastic discussion and contributions by Year 11 in Hooke’s Law Physics”


Well done Year 11! - Mr Green


Big shout out to all Y11 completing maths online – from Mr Green.


More great work from our year 11 students. Looking really good...


Engagement high in Y11 lessons - well done!


So proud of our Y10 students engaging in lessons online today.


Really proud of our students and their engagement with the online work, showing great attitude and resolve. Here is the work for my history today. I'm sorry for the score I got in my quiz, I believe I could've done better and will aim to do so in the next quiz you give! (Yr 9)

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Help and support for students

All your teachers and the leadership team understand how challenging these times are for you and your families. We have created this section to keep you in the loop with things at the Academy and to offer some additional sources of help and support. 

Virtual learning 

As you all our learning is now delivered through Teams. There are live lessons and assignments being set within your classes.

Studies show that you can be more productive and learn more at home if you: 

- develop a dedicated study area 

- create a schedule for your school week 

- talk to your family about what you are doing in your work - by explaining it to them this consolidates your own understanding 

- put breaks and lunch time into your schedule and reward yourself for working hard. 

- use a timer to help signify how much time you have left for your studies until your next break 

- remain positive and remember to socialise with your friends and family, for example, Skype and facetime. 

- contact your teachers via email if you get stuck with any of your work 

You will follow your normal Academy timetables for lessons. We will monitor your attendance and will catch up with you if you haven’t attended just to check there are no problems.  

Assemblies will be at tutor time on Mondays; these will be focussed on well-being activities, and there will be a follow up task. 

Tutor time is at the normal time and will be used by tutors to give out key messages as well as to contact you individually for a wellbeing conversation. 

The Harris Invictus Academy Support email 

We have created a bespoke email for parents and students to use during the crisis. It is: 

We will prioritise dealing with any concerns in relation to our vulnerable group of students, but we have a team of staff who will monitor and check any information coming into the email. 

Please remember we are all still here for you so you can still contact us by emailing your tutor, your class teacher if its subject specific or your Assistant Principal. So, there are lots of people here for you, you are not alone. So please reach out if you need help! 

Other sources of support and guidance 

If you click here you will be taken to our remote help book. Read pages 9 and 10 in particular, this will give you all sorts of places that you can go to for help and support, for example, Young Minds and Child line.